Brief Introduction of Prof. Li Youhuan

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 Li Youhuan is a Ph.D. in economics, the senior visiting scholars and exchange of professors of University of Nottingham. The main research directions of Prof. Li are: corporate social responsibility, international economics, international trade, and international finance.

 Prof. Li is the vice president of the Hong Kong Academy of Social Sciences; researchers, deputy director and researchers of the Institute of industrial Economic in Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences; chairman of Guangdong International Corporate Social Responsibility (at the provincial level ); Deputy Secretary of the Overseas Chinese Association; vice president of the exchange and the return of officers studying abroad Association; vice president of the Guangdong Institute of Civil and Commercial Law; adjunct professor of more than 10 departments and universities (research fellow, and graduate instructors), including the ministry of commerce training center, Northwestern University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of Business Studies; executive director of Guangdong Business Economics Institute, the Guangdong Provincial Industry and Regional Economy Research Institute; commentator of more than 10 medias including Asia-Pacific Economic Times and Guangdong Radio; review experts of the state philosophy and the social sciences fund; experts of major decision-making advice in Guangdong; evaluation experts of Guangdong Province philosophy and the social sciences fund project; expert of Guangdong Province propaganda front talents "Ten-Hundred-Thousand" Project s; expert of the first board on assessment of senior economist in Guangdong. Prof. Li also is employed in more than 20 organizations of corporate social responsibility.

 Prof. Li has done the research on corporate social responsibility for nearly 10 years; he also studied abroad and visited more than 60 countries or regions in the world. When he pursued a doctorate in economics, he mainly focused on corporate social responsibility for a series of direction study. Prof. Li ran the auspices of the first professional website on SA8000 in China; published the country's first blue book on corporate social responsibility; presided over the establishment of China's first provincial-level corporate social responsibility professional institutes; presided over the first philosophy and the social sciences planning projects on SA8000 in all the provinces; presided over studying abroad returned fund project "The construction of corporate social responsibility in china"; auspices of the national philosophy and social science fund project "Strengthening corporate social responsibility study"; the first professor teaching corporate social responsibility in 211 project institutions (68 hours per semester); the earlier professor submitting report to state leaders on corporate social responsibility; the prolific scholar on corporate social responsibility in China.

 Up to now, Prof. Li has already published six monographs, five books on corporate social responsibility and participated compiling four books in a series of corporate social responsibility. Prof. Li has published 80 academic papers on Corporate Social Responsibility; commissioned more than 20 grants of the Government at all levels and more than 30 grants of enterprises on corporate social responsibility; participated 310 times in the corporate social responsibility and academic activities organized by the government, 80 times by the international institutions; held over 300 talks in the more than 60 colleges and universities, more than 70 government agencies and more than 200 enterprises on corporate social responsibility; accepted a variety of media interviews on corporate social responsibility 220 many times; taught a total of more than 400 undergraduate students, more than 200 graduate students on corporate social responsibility; serves as instructor of five graduate students on corporate social responsibility.

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